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Watch video of Red Wing Shoes ‘Marching To a Different Drum’

This features an installation of a new wooden tanning drum at Red Wing Shoe Company’s S.B. Foot leather tanning facility. Tanning drums are huge round containers used to tan leather via chemical reactions that involve soaking leather hides in various tanning solutions within a slowly rotating drum. The tanning process takes several hours, or even days, inside a drum that weighs up to six tons without the hides.

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

Source youtube.com

Watch: Gucci Presents: Men’s Tailoring (Director’s Cut)

From unexpected details that delight to world-class fabrics that entice, each perfectly crafted Gucci suit tells a story as individual as the man wearing it. Dedicated to the art of dressing well, the short film, “Gucci Men’s Tailoring,” shows just what it takes to become a modern legend.

Director: Remi Paringaux

Music Credit:
"Goodbye" performed by Apparat

Posted on Wednesday, August 27th 2014

Source youtube.com